Vehicle Graphics 2023 Winner

Tiffany Chan
Peter Gregorian
Private Client
Richmond Hill, Ont.
Materials and Methods:

From design to installation, the C17media team worked cross-functionally to execute a unique livery that plays with shapes, colours, and textures on a Lamborghini Huracan Race Car. Inspiration for the design was drawn from the liveries available in Lamborghini’s The Real Race esports series. Elements from the designs in the game were personalized by adjusting the colour palette to match client preferences and introducing a new pattern for the base of the livery, as well as increasing the frequency of hexagons on the rear of the vehicle. Once visualized digitally, creative files were recreated with each design element undergoing setup for print production and colour proofing. Bridging the gap between design and final production, the proofing stage was crucial in ensuring the final look and feel of the livery translated proportionally to the vehicle and met client expectations. Bringing the final livery to life involved a combination of printed and laminated vinyl, paired with cut vinyl elements of colour-shift 3M car wrap film. The seamless pattern covering most of the vehicle was printed on Avery 1105 print wrap film and topped with a matte overlaminate to alter the appearance while also providing protection. Over top of this printed base and covering most of the rear section, colour-shift cut vinyl hexagonal elements were installed, serving as the eye-catching contrast to the drab background colour of the base layer. Subtle accents of the colour-shift vinyl were also used in conjunction with the printed vinyl to further accentuate elements of the race car’s design while exposing areas of its original carbon fibre panels. Ultimately, this pairing produced a blend of colours, textures, and visual effects intended to create a standout design in a variety of lighting conditions, both on and off the track.