Unique Signs – 2020 Third Place Winner

Cory Byrnes & Rob Merkel
Letterall Signs Inc.
Cory Byrnes
Winnipeg Football Club, IG Field
Winnipeg, Man.
Materials and Methods:
The shop ha to create a custom look for IG Field’s new Vodka supplier. The team manufactured the bottle out of aluminum that measured 6.09 x 1.68 m (20 x 5.5 ft). The branding in the centre of the bottle was cut out with a piece of Lexan (polycarbonate resin) covered with blue translucent vinyl, mounted to the inside of the aluminum with a 660.4- x 1219.2-mm (26- x 48-in.) light-emitting diode (LED) box behind it            so it would light up at night. The bottle was mounted to a 101.6-mm (4-in.) frame to stand it off from the wall. The team then created a 4- x 7.01-m (13- x 23-ft) mountain scene, which was machined to the shape. This was created with aluminum composite panels mounted to the fascia. To complete the look, the interior graphics were designed to look like a wall of ice blocks and a frozen service bar. Next, the aluminum panels were mounted to one of the interior walls for a smooth finish. The original wall was made of corrugated steel, so the graphic did not look as nice as the other walls. All graphic film was 3M IJ180 with 3M 8520 matte laminate and was installed by Rollin Penner and Cory Byrnes.