Soft Signage 2023 Second Place

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
Multigraphics Ltd.
Khuram Shahzad
Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
Materials and Methods:

The largest building wrap in Vancouver was printed on 70 rolls of 9oz Mesh Banners media that required over 40 days of printing and 16 days of finishing in total. In addition, we custom fabricated the tree toppers frames which protruded above the main structure to give it a 3D effect.

Aside from the printed graphics, approximately 65,000 SQFT of scaffolding was engineered and installed as the skeleton on which the banners were installed. The individual banner panels were installed using an 80-foot articulating lift, ladders, and harnesses over 20 days to complete the whole building wrap.

Prior to production, we spent about a month comprehensively planning the whole project which included material selection, sample prototyping, color matching, scaffolding engineering, and logistics of all the moving parts over the next 6 months. Because this all happened during COVID, we had to collaborate with the YVR and their construction team regarding the safety protocols as well.

To highlight the entire accomplishment, we teamed up with a videography team that helped us capture the entire project using a drone. This was the first time a drone was allowed to capture footage at the airport (legally). We had to request a special permit due to the nature of the project site, along with applicable security concerns.

The entire project which took about 8 months to complete was the featured story in the February 2023 Issue of Sign Media.