Sign Systems – 2019 Second Place Winner

Fathom Studio: John deWolf, Anna-Gabrielle Tremblay, Robert Currie
Atlantex Creative Works
John deWolf
Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)
Dartmouth, NS
Materials and Methods:

The design teams worked with the municipality to develop a comprehensive wayfinding system for this newly renovated space, helping people find their way and integrating the city’s brand. Complexities included maintaining existing tenant branding, working with a still-new Halifax brand, connecting the ferry and bus terminals, and highlighting accessible routes in a building not designed for easy accessibility. The angled corner is a subtle nod to the city’s brand, yet not so overt that the signs would require changing should the brand be updated. Signs are intentionally large, hung from ceilings and mounted to walls they act as beacons in congested environments. The system also includes directional information to and from parking. Underground lots were particularly lackluster in character, and egress routes were difficult to find. Entrances to stairs and elevators were painted with brand colours to contrast the bland environment, and super graphics—3M vinyl applied to painted concrete walls—was used to identify the location of stairwells and elevators.