Illuminated Signs 2021 First Place

Signex Manufacturing Inc.
Signex Manufacturing Inc.
Winter Funk
True North Square Entertainment (TNSE)
Winnipeg, MB
Materials and Methods:

This sign is the centrepiece of the reception at the True North Square Entertainment (TNSE) offices. Suspended above the waiting area, the sign is constructed with custom aluminum framework for the outer grey and blue circles. The white is a Lexan panel with top-tier LEDs mounted to the backer. Through this panel, the maple leaf, which is painted ACM, and the jet, which is painted aluminum, are suspended on rods. The jet has a lip around the edge to hide the top-tier LED that is halo-lit onto the maple. The jet has been bent in the middle to provide a more dimensional appeal. All this had to be lightweight enough to suspend it from the ceiling. The sign measures around 2.44 m (8 ft) and 254 mm (10 in.).