Historic Signage – 2020 First Place Winner

Elaine Wallis/Signature Sign & Image
Signature Sign & Image
Emily Butko
City of Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, ON
Materials and Methods:

This 3.04- x 2.43-m (10- x 8-ft) sign is painted on a brick wall. The motive was to find a connection to the craziness of the Niagara Falls tourist district and the old downtown.

“It occurred to me that every postcard, letter, or package coming and going has had to make its way down Queen Street to our main post office, said Wallis. “This 1935 stamp celebrated the wonder of Canada’s Niagara Falls. I didn’t design it; I simply colourized it and made it about 8000 times bigger! I wrote many letters that may have accompanied packages that could have been been sent in 1935 and added these writings to the sky and water in the pictorial.”