Free-Standing Signage – 2020 Third Place Winner

Westward Inn & Suites
TDH Experiential Fabricators
Alicia O’Connell
Westward Inn & Suites
Langley, B.C.
Materials and Methods:
New flat roof pylon with wood trim soffit, and lineal light-emitting diode (LED) light strip, rectangular sign cabinets with illuminated push-through logo, and woodgrain aluminum filler planks. Fabricated aluminum tapered roof structure with internal HSS support frame and pole connector plates. Knotwood woodgrain powder-coated aluminum plank soffit with mitre cut corners. Recessed aluminum channel section painted beige to match building with exposed Sloan Color Line lineal light effect (white). Aluminum face panel on two aluminum angle retainers painted Pantone 7540C warm gray. Illuminated push-through acrylic with translucent white vinyl laminate. Aluminum sign cabinet skin painted Pantone 7540C warm gray. Internal aluminum angle support frame. Double sided Hanley wide angle white LED light source on central panel. Aluminum cabinet skin painted beige to match building. Dual HSS vertical support poles with steel connector plate and triangulated gussets. HSS connector frame painted Pantone 7540C warm gray. Steel sheet diamond motif painted beige to match building. Fasten to HSS support poles and connector frame with tack welds or angle tabs and teck screws. Knotwood woodgrain powder-coated aluminum vertical trim planks on aluminum back panels painted Pantone 7450C warm gray (for blockout). Fasten plank assembly to HSS horizontal pole connectors with aluminum angle strips along top and bottom. Below grade inverted “T” pad style reinforced concrete base with internal rebar support cage and J bolt connectors with hooks.