Free-Standing Signage – 2019 Second Place Winner

Fathom Studio, John deWolf, Natalia Ultrémari, Sandy Newton, Adam Fine, Robert Currie
Eye Catch Signs, Accura Glass Bending Inc.
John deWolf
Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)
Halifax, NS
Materials and Methods:

Aluminum and steel sit atop concrete bases for protection from snow-clearing in inclement weather. Internal illumination edge lights the sign to enhance visibility when walking toward the narrow side. The glass panels are comprised of four 3.175 mm (0.125 in.) structural glass sheets with graphics in cyan and magenta laminated between panels. The layering of the two colours (cyan and magenta) produces a third colour, blue. Large trapezoidal swathes of colour create an Argyle pattern, referencing both the patterning employed in the streetscape and the “Argyle” street name. The Argyle pattern also creates a letter “A” used for the wordmark cut into the sign base. The “A” icon is also used as a “You are here” marker, referencing a compass rose. The signs are meant as gateways; however, secondary information includes a map of the district and interpretive content.