Digital Signage – 2018 First Place Winner

DKStudio Architects Inc.
Eventscape Inc.
Elaine Allen-Milne
Coty Canada
Toronto, Ont.
Materials and Methods:

A series of nearly 2 m (10 ft) tall black digital towers create a virtual backdrop to the lounge. Ten identical towers were engineered with an internal structure that resists lateral loads, while supporting the canopy above. Clad in a premium matte black laminate, this durable material was chosen for its resistance to scratch/heat/shock and fingerprints. A cantilevered low-profile, thin-edge detail surrounds each of the integrated digital media screens to minimize the screen borders for a more continuous digital image. The series of vertical black towers stand physically separate from each other, representing its own unique brand, but only digitally, allowing for either a single brand experience, or a full digital concert of images and videos celebrating a specific brand. Custom digital screens inset
in the bar top provide immediate customer feedback.