Building Signs 2023 Winner

Brian Hardy/Matt Auclair
Pride Signs
Brian Hardy
Kineto Theatre (Kiwanis International)
Forest, Ont.
Materials and Methods:

This customer reached out in search of a retro-style marquee entrance canopy and projecting sign with a modern twist for their historic movie theatre. Back in the day, theatre signage was built using exposed neon tube and bulbs, which often requires strict maintenance planning and carry a hefty price tag to construct. To combat this, the team proposed a more maintenance-free approach using modern materials, which at night would offer a similar appearance to exposed neon tube illumination. Challenged by the structural limitations of the aging building, the engineering team identified additional steel supports would have to be included to ensure the signs would hang safely. The LED illuminated, halo-lit “KINETO” comprises reverse channel letters with push-through acrylic accents, to give the appearance of exposed neon tubing. The projecting sign is made of structural steel with a painted and cured formed aluminum exterior, with 5.4-mm (0.2-in.) clear push-through acrylic with a second surface white vinyl diffuser, illuminated by white LED. The marquee canopy was constructed using internal structural steel, painted and cured formed aluminum skin, and 19-mm (0.7-in.) clear acrylic push-through graphics. A full-colour electronic message centre (EMC) is the main feature of this grand marquee canopy, and the fully cladded underside has been fitted with 18 modern LED pot lamps, offering a warm glow of illumination on the entrance doors of this great little theatre.