Building Signage – 2020 Second Place Winner

Alicia O’Connell
Fortune Sound Club
Vancouver, BC
Materials and Methods:

This 1.79-m (5.88-ft)  shaped aluminum projecting sign features 10-mm (0.393-in.) exposed neon graphics, push through arcylic logo, and dragon eye. The 20.3-mm (0.8-in.) shaped aluminum cabinet skin is painted satin black. The sign also features 76.2- x 76.2- x 6.35-mm (3- x 3- x 0.25-in.) square tube aluminum horizontal support arms with 203.2- x 406.4- 9.5-mm (8- x16- x 0.375-in.) aluminum connector plates. Paint arm assembly satin black; 10- to 12-mm (0.39- to 0.47-in.) Ruby Red neon diamond border; 10-mm (0.39-in.) Tropic Green dragon body; 10-mm (0.39-in.) E-50 Noviol gold zig-zags; and 8- to 9-mm (0.31- to 0.35-in) designer-white neon ‘Sound Club’ letters with vinyl day copy. Fasten sign assembly to concrete building column with 12.7- x 254-mm (0.5- x 254-in.) Simpson Wedge All (or equivalent) stainless steel expansion anchors with spacer tubes through brick fascia and air gap (eight pieces).