Building Signage – 2018 First Place Winner

Nancy Wilde (Wayside)
Wayside Sign Team
Brett Aho
North Okanagan Neurological Association
Vernon, B.C.
Materials and Methods:

The sign is made with 51-mm (2-in.) high density urethane foam. There is a steel frame structure in the ‘porch’ as it protrudes 1 m (3 ft) and is the anchor for the rest of the sign. Pieces were hand drawn, scanned, cut out on a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, then glued and hand carved with chisels and multi-tool for detail/texture, and then painted. The sign is made in sections: two pieces for the clubhouse, the porch, and tree, while several pieces were used for the limbs, cross-cut sign face, and ladder. The sign was taken from a napkin sketch to a 9.1- x 3.6-m (30- x 12-ft) structure.